De-risk your business

Benchmark and prioritize business gaps and risks.

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‚ÄčIDENTIFY and prioritize risk.

Are you concerned with risks and gaps while starting, executing or growing your business?

Do you know the right questions to ask when starting, growing or investing in a company?

The Lean Founder™ is a simple & powerful personalized mobile learning application and assessment that helps founders, startups and other organizations with best practices, knowledge, questions & recommendations to evaluate business, team & process risks across a range of functional areas.


From Startup to Growth.

The Lean Founder™ platform provides you with a library of resources for training and assessments that you can browse, search and learn about - many of which cover a wide range of relevant risk mitigating topics in today's modern business.


Just Train or Conduct Assessments.

Brush up, learn from the ground up and even benchmark your company and team.


Validate Assumptions and Feedback.

Start with a question and end with answers to gain insight into your business but doing this with your team is a lot more accurate.


Evaluate Results and Prioritize Change.

The Lean Founder™ will help your business and team realize gaps, risks and recommendations from standards and team feedback to help prioritize changes to address gaps and risks.

From Startup to Growth.

The Lean Founder™ provides you with a growing amount of 'modules' that you can browse and search and learn about covering a wide range of topics in today's modern business.


Understand potential goals and skills you need for success: how to network, how to market yourself, and how to build upon your personal strengths.


Understand risk and gaps in turning ideas into sustainable and successful projects and companies.

Business Model

Understand various factors relevant to prioritizing risks your Canvases, Relationships, Patterns and business model innovation.


Define how to structure and build high-functioning teams and grow cultures that support them.


Understand how to design and build products and manage consumer expectations and experiences around your products.


Learn about the crucial role of product design and user experience design in a successful technology companies.


Plan for and manage fast and sustainable growth.


Improve execution through research-driven and experience-driven marketing to help your product or vision succeed.


Learn how to develop sales practices that work for fast-moving companies.


Improve how to define, design, develop and integrate technology projects.


Learn about how to effectively conduct customer discovery, development, validation according to lean principles.


Learn about different types of funding, from angel investors to seed fundraising to crowdsource funding and associated gaps.


Asssess your team's ability to start and operate a sustainable business.


Evaluate gaps related to managing change in a growing business.


Learn to how to build leaders in your organization and how to mentor others to grow.

Built by experts, for your business.

The Lean Founder™ system is a simple but powerful tool based on years of research working with various sizes of organizations and standards to help leaders make better decisions with their business resources and assess gaps and risks along with benchmarking against standards.

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